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OpenZeppelin Defender – General usage

I basically miss understanding / find out the purpose of the different API keys you can create throughout the platform.

I found you can create Team API keys, which seem to have access to all the different features (Autotasks, relayers, sentinel).

At the same time, there also exist individual API keys when creating an autotask, or a relayer.

Could someone elaborate on the idea behind this? Is this in order to provide different “levels” of access? Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hey @raul

It's simpler than it looks:

  • Team API Keys: These are what you'd normally think about as "API Keys". They let you create resources for every of the Defender components (eg. create an Autotask or Sentinel)
  • Relayer API Keys: This is only to operate a single relayer and sign transactions.

To put an example, you create a relayer using a Team API Key, but you sign a transaction with that particular relayer using the Relayer API Key.

Let me know if this solves your questions.

That was very clear to understand, thanks bud :slight_smile: