Problem getting API key and Secret key for relayer (Not the team)

Hi, I am trying to follow the tutorial on:

in order to create a relayer for Gasslees transactions, but when I create the relayer, I don't get any API key or Secret key, as the tutorial would mention. I read the documentation to see if there was any update on that, and it says that after creating them, I'll get them and that this will be the time to copy them as we won't be able to get them afterward.

It is important to mention that I was able to get both keys for the team but I can't get the ones for the relayer I have created and the .env file is asking me for all of them.

Do you have any up-to-date information about that? Or is there any other way to get those data now? Thank you very much.

Hi @Cris_Me

Apologies that blog post is outdated. You can find and generate relayer API keys from the relayer details page. If you navigate to the relayer you created and click on the settings icon you will find an option for adding an api key.

Nice. I'm gonna try it. But I could finally solve it creating the realyer using code, and then with the relayer Id generate an API. It was messy, but worked. Thanks :smiley: