Unable to run meta-tx tests

I cloned the workshop with the basic meta-tx management using oz defender relayer: https://github.com/OpenZeppelin/workshops/tree/master/25-defender-metatx-api

:computer: Environment
Mac OS

After cloning the repo, i've added a private key to the .env file in the root folder and run "yarn test".
All the tests including the meta-tx are failing with the error
"MethodNotSupportedError: Method eth_signTypedData is not supported"

:1234: Code to reproduce
Clone the repo, build the code with yarn build, add this Private Key to the .env file: PRIVATE_KEY=075546cddad7ce53ac599a1f264cbbe0ba59832b28ee24af7bd168fcfce47802

run yarn test

Hey @sgy0 -

We've had a couple people test this internally in response to your issue and it seems the tests are running green. Best guess is you are not pulling in latest version of the dependencies, but it is hard to tell without further information.


this is my .env


The value is the first of the list of the accounts hardhat creates.

Could you share your env file? Probably I'm missing something

Not needed anymore, this solved my issue! https://stackoverflow.com/questions/69692842/error-message-error0308010cdigital-envelope-routinesunsupported

Thanks for the support