Unable to fully verify my proxy contract on etherscan

Hi there,
I use hardhat-upgrades to deploy my contract as TransparentUpgradeableProxy. Three contracts are delpoyed as expected:

proxyAddress: 0x69D49D5E0d40DCEe02e6d3E176f8279cDf966898
implementationAddress: 0x9647B57d693737B0bF238f15f92E305FAaf708ff
adminAddress: 0x8292Cb27BE825104d3e2ed4fEf805906ae0ce87e

However when I try to verify them on Ethereum Sepolia testnet, I got below errors:

% npx hardhat verify --network sepolia 0x69D49D5E0d40DCEe02e6d3E176f8279cDf966898
Verifying implementation: 0x9647B57d693737B0bF238f15f92E305FAaf708ff
Successfully submitted source code for contract
contracts/L2ScanEthereumBridge.sol:L2ScanEthereumBridge at 0x9647B57d693737B0bF238f15f92E305FAaf708ff
for verification on the block explorer. Waiting for verification result...

Successfully verified contract L2ScanEthereumBridge on the block explorer.

Verifying proxy: 0x69D49D5E0d40DCEe02e6d3E176f8279cDf966898
The contract 0x69D49D5E0d40DCEe02e6d3E176f8279cDf966898 has already been verified on Sourcify.
hardhat-verify found one or more errors during the verification process:


Seems to me the implementation contract and the proxyadmin contract are verified successfully. But not the proxy contract itself. By clicking the buttons in the webpage, I can get the proxy contract half-verified as below:

So what should I do to make it fully verified? Please help me out. Thanks in advance.

I've verified the proxy for you.