TransparentUpgradeableProxy proxy contract verification on moonbase-alpha

I have an openzeppelin transparent proxy contract deployed on moonbase alpha. The addresses are:

implementation: 0xb748088003bE15317DCF8D890a8B5d12d7F5bb21
proxy: 0x91721Cc65B2A4C4f37c80558DBCa92625Fd06032

I was able to verify the implementation contract using the hardhat-etherscan plugin but not able to verify the PROXY contract with npx hardhat verify [proxyaddress]. I think the issue comes from the fact that the openzeppelin TransparentUpgradeableProxy is a common contract on say ethereum testnets so its already been previously verified as a similar contract whereas i dont think anyone has taken the time yet to verify this contract on moonbase alpha? How can I get this verified myself?

FYI the error i receive is the following:

Error in plugin @nomiclabs/hardhat-etherscan: The address provided as argument contains a contract, but its bytecode doesn't match any of your local contracts.

Possible causes are:

  • Contract code changed after the deployment was executed. This includes code for seemingly unrelated contracts.
  • A solidity file was added, moved, deleted or renamed after the deployment was executed. This includes files for seemingly unrelated contracts.
  • Solidity compiler settings were modified after the deployment was executed (like the optimizer, target EVM, etc.).
  • The given address is wrong.
  • The selected network (moonbase) is wrong.