Trying to find a decent Developer

I need a dev for creating reward token with payouts to all users in network after every sale or buy.
The rewards will be the token itself with USDT.
I have very specific instructions.

Why I asked for decent dev? because scammers are everywhere and I made the mistake by contacting directly one of them from here and lost my money.


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Hey man! If you want to you can contact me here or on telegram: @solidityX
If you want to we can also talk about projects that I work with too. Just hit me up

If possible, hope discuss further more details.
Telegram: @DesarrollaorTalentosa

Hi @Romaqx

I would love to help you, Kindly reach me out via Rishabh at plaxonic dot com


Hello there!

The safest way to hire a smart contract developer and sure you don't get scammed is through Upwork.
Upwork is is a platform that pears clients with developers. You only pay on milestones when your work is delivered. It'll safe to hire a dev there.
I am a verified developer on Upwork with a trackable record of job delivery.

You can hire me directly from there.
Telegram: @isofttechn

Hello! My name is Bruno.

I'm a new web3 developer. So it would be perfect to be able to help you, even if you can't afford it right now.

I would love to Participate in a Cool Project.

If you need any Help with web3 frontend or smart contract development, Please send me a email:

Check my portfolio:


Hi I can help you on that contract development part , since i have been working around 4+ years in Blockchain and smart contracts , I definitely help you , feel free to contact me at any time.
worlds first metaverse cricket nft ever I am the smart contract developer for this project: www.lfm(AZuki clone)
ping me
Telegram id : @MaheswaranKR
mail id : []