Trying to deploy a new proxy with hardhat upgrades and it keeps getting deployed to same address

I made a simple ERC20 upgradeable contract using the openzepellin wizard.
I already deployed this to my private network. Now I am trying to deploy a new proxy and implementation.

Every time I try my deployment script, I get exactly the same address and I am not able to deploy a new proxy.

My proxy script looks like this (I added the redeployImplementaiton and salt params trying to fix the bug but originally they were left to emtpy).

 const Test = await hre.ethers.getContractFactory('contracts/Test.sol:Test');
 const  test = await upgrades.deployProxy(Test, { kind: 'uups', redeployImplementation: 'always', salt: 'Hello' });

Any ideas what I might be missing?

Hi, are you always connecting to the same instance of the private network, and does it stay up between runs?

Can you please provide the information listed in Required information when requesting support for Upgrades Plugins so that we can help determine the issue?

I just figured it out. I was not passing the network name to the deploy script.
That fixed it.
Thanks a lot!