Truffle "tutorial token" Outdated package-lock.json on compile

Hello, everyone, I am new to coding smart contracts, and could use some help.
I am having a package-lock.json issue.
with the “tutorialtoken” box.

CMD “NPM warn old lockfile”
popup 'There is no script engine for firle extention “.js”. ’

I have deleted the package-lock.json and installled
NPM to the respective folder, but still the same popup.

What should I do?

Hi, welcome! :wave:

I am not sure what is wrong, could you please share the commands you ran?

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I am following the command instructions on this page:

I am getting the error at the point of running the command
truffle develop

I just followed the tutorial, and it seems like all is ok, maybe you can delete all files to try again.

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It turns out my npm node_modules folder was not in the correct location.

This is because I installed my npm root in the same folder as my projects folder, which does not work.

It only seems to work when it is in the default cmd root path.

When I work directly with the root path everything seems to work fine.

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