Error while linking to openzeppelin-eth


I was following [] I and got the following error:


Does that mean that I first have to create the smart contract that creates my TFF_Token, which imports (links to) the openzeppelin-eth deployed packages, and then run this command?

The following are my config files:


Or is it that it is trying to link to existing (although not finished/usable) contracts currently placed in the /contracts/ directory as follows?:


Moreover, I have figured that the issue resides in the package.json file, specifically in the last keyword defined “TFF_Token”, so I removed the whole content as follows:

Then I ran [zos link openzeppelin-eth] and [npm install truffle] and I get similar errors as well as I keep getting the “repository” error; I obviously do not know how to fix it. :man_shrugging: Please help.


Thanks in advance

Hey @jaureguino! I’m not sure what’s going on so I’m gonna tag @spalladino so he can help you :smile:

Thanks @IvanTheGreatDev, I happen to be sending a message to @spalladino at this very moment. Cheers!

Hey @jaureguino! The problem is not in zos but in npm itself. Your current package.json is not a valid JSON file, since you have a dangling comma in the keywords section. Try copy-pasting your package.json onto a linter such as and fix it until it’s valid!


:open_mouth::zipper_mouth_face: Thanks a lot!