Trouble Adding liquidity to PancakeSwap with Safemoon Clone

I cloned the safemoon.sol contract (github link: and I’m having trouble adding liquidity to pancakeswap on the bsc testnet. I add the BNB and my token to the lp pair and click “add supply” and the transaction goes through, but it just eats my BNB and doesn’t actually add a liquidity pool. I still have my custom token, but the BNB is gone. I haven’t tried it on mainnet as I don’t want it to take my actual BNB. Any ideas on what the problem is? I have no clue what could cause this issue.

I think the adding liqudity to the pool is not working. Many people are facing with the same issue and working on mainnet to test it. But you can loose money

You can’ use pancakeswap on testnet. Try this instead

Are you from Pancakeswap team or where did you get this site. I found also this site:

But does not work with it

Yes this works. Already used many times

Ok, it works

Try my link please. Make sure to add liquidity

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Can you check your PM please

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