TransparentProxy deployment on Tron

Hi, I’m facing issues with deployment of upgradeable contracts on Tron blockchain. I started off from 4.2 version of contracts using the transparent proxy approach. First I did some testing in Remix and everything went smooth. Than I successfully compiled and deployed on Shasta testnet (Tron) both the implementation and the proxy, again without issues. The problem I’m facing is regarding interacting with the contract, because on Tronscan, pointing at the proxy address, I see only the proxy functions, but nothing about the implementation.
I did some research for similar contracts already deployed on Tron and I found several. For example the TUSD contract (, but in that case on the proxy I see also the implementation functions (like I expected).
So to exclude problems with my contracts code, I compiled the same source code for the USDT contracts (proxy and implementation) and deployed them on Shasta testnet. The behavior I see is the same I’ve seen before: the implementation functions are not visible. So the same contract in Tron mainnet exposes all functions, but on testnet it does not. Is there something I’m missing?
If someone has experience with the Tron blockchain that can help, it would be appreciated.

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after deploy, you need interact "write button" to put implementation contract address in a field"

I am facing same issue can any one help

Etherscan as a page that lets you validate that a contract is a proxy. If the underlying implementation is verified, then the implementation functions become reachable from the proxy.

Tronscan might have a similar page, but I'm not aware of it.

In any case, this is beyond our control, and the question should be asked to the tronscan support.