Timed out waiting for existing implementation

I had the same error with deployProxy and it says

Error: Timed out waiting for implementation contract deployment to address 0x8B438C6B4cd78139A536BF8D6f5845C3ffB526A0 with transaction 0x14f9c61c01ce4dd15dfd27a46c4dc241eee7cdb18ecb47edcdbc6d7028571dfc

Run the function again to continue waiting for the transaction confirmation. If the problem persists, adjust the polling parameters with the timeout and pollingInterval options.

I checked the txHash and contract address, and it is successfully deployed, but Proxy and ProxyAdmin were not deployed yet.

First, I set the timeout & pollingInterval and tried the script again, it had the same error.
Next, I set useDeployedImplementation to true, but the new implementation contract was deployed.

How can I extend the timeout duration or rerun the script using the deployed implementation contract?

Are you using Truffle or Hardhat. What version are you using. Please provide more detail...

You can customize the timeout passing a timeout option:

Hi @Yuzu, can you please provide the information listed here. Thanks.