Testing sentinels locally

Hi Defender Team

A nice feature for Sentinel testing in the UI might be a way replay a transaction that triggers the Sentinel?

Alternatively, and probably better, is there a good setup for testing this locally? A way to simulate an Autotask being triggered by a sentinel locally?

Hope that makes sense,

Hey @mpaler! Thanks for sharing, I think it's a great idea! For now, we suggest splitting the handler from the main logic in your autotask for local development and testing. See the examples repo for some snippets.

As for testing a sentinel transaction, do you think it'd help if we allowed you to export the Sentinel payload (ie the JSON that gets injected into the autotask) from the Sentinel conditions testing page?

Hey @spalladino,

Exporting the Sentinel payload would be really useful for testing.

Thanks for the examples repo, will have a closer look there and report back if I have problems.

Happy new year!

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