Swap any erc20 token to erc20 stable token

Swap any erc20 token to erc20 stable token like Usdt, Dai etc using smart contract

Hey can you provide more details? The question is not very clear

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I am working on payment gateway.
Requirements as below:-
Criteria is as follows

  1. Any ERC20 will be sent to Smart contract.
  2. A contract will detect a Vendor associate with an Order.
  3. Then Contract will check for Platform fee [in form of %. for e.g. for Vendor ABC platform fee is 2%] and deduct that fee from the order amount.
    Note: Platform fees will be different for each Vendor address.
  4. A contract will then convert ERC20 [remaining amount after platform fee
    deduction] into equivalent USDT and those USDT will be transferred to that
    particular Vendor Address
  5. Received ERC20 will be locked in Smart Contract.
  6. Add access control to change fee and add erc20 access.
  7. Deposit and Withdraw access for the owner.

****please look into and provide somehelp ***((

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If still looking for dev, contact me @OCPRobocop

Ok perfect it seems a great project
If you need help pm me: @FreezyExchange