Spent 3 hours on this, ERROR (reason: 'types/values length mismatch') when deploying proxy smart-contract


I've spent so long on this. I cannot seem to deploy a smart-contract with deployment parameters using Hardhat behind a transparent proxy.

My smart-contract requires 3 parameters before deploying. These are 'gov', 'treasury', 'fee'.

I keep getting the error

reason: 'types/values length mismatch',
count: { types: 3, values: 0 },

  const box = await upgrades.deployProxy(Box, [43], { initializer: 'store' }); // EXAMPLE used in openzeppelin

My script.js for deployment.

    const box = await upgrades.deployProxy(Box,('governance','0x0x0x0x0',treasury,'0x0x0x0x0',fee,'4'));

I'm following the tutorial on OpenZeppelin for proxy smart-contracts but it doesn't mention how to do it with a contract that takes deployment parameters.

What am i missing?
Thanks all