Some questions about NFT and play to earn gaming


I'm having fun making a local play to earn with NFTs. I'm doing this project to train myself to code in Solidity, to understand the gas principle etc...
So, my first developements bring me several questions that I submit to the solidity experts :stuck_out_tongue: :
- I want to integrate a wound system on my characters with the possibility of being able to heal by calling a paid function, but we agree that when I write on the blockchain, so it costs me gas each time a character is injured.
- So, how do you manage that on a large game? Where there can be several injuries per character per day? Do we have to develop on Polygon or BSC so that the gas fee is not too high ?
- Or should we use a Layer 2 like immutable X (or others?) and do like Axie Infinity with their home-made blockchain Ronin?

I really have a hard time thinking about a game where, let's say, 1000 players are connected at the same time, and so they hit each other and inflict wounds on each other which must be integrated in the blockchain.
Or maybe I don't understand play to earn on the blockchain :slight_smile:

I'm not familiar with this space so I don't know how this problem is usually solved. Using a blockchain with lower gas fees is obviously necessary, but I don't know if that ultimately scales. Following what Axie Infinity is doing is probably a good idea.