[PAID] Hiring an experienced Solidity engineer/dev for web3/NFT site


Looking to hire (1) experienced solidity engineer/developer for a web3/NFT project. The engineer will be creating a smart contract + helping with web3 integration. All of the web2 side of the project will be handled by another developer (web2 frontend + web2 backend).


  • create a custom smart contract in solidity w/ specific minting requirements (to be discussed)
  • generate custom SVG every time an NFT is minted, with on-chain storage (based on a predesigned template already created)
  • integrate web3 into web2 (mint button, connect wallet, + other specific features)

Please message and let's chat.

Not sure why the other person copied my listing word for word, but this is a serious post, please message me if you're a solidity engineer looking for a freelance position.

Hello, i've been a solidity dev for about a year, i dont have that much experience with web3 though (besides writing tests) but i'm interested. Feel free to contact me in DM or on discord (Nova#5147) or telegram @Tfll123

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Just requested on Discord, thanks.

hello there,
our company has experience developing and launching nft and would be interested.how do i contact you?

Hi all, hired someone off-forum the other day. Thanks for all the interest, appreciate it.