Smart Contract Developer/Marketing Tax Not Being Deposited in Wallet

As a new Solidity programmer I've set my first milestone to clone the Mononoke inu contract and make it work as expected, so I copied their contract as "AnakInu2" and only changed the wallet address where the Dev/marketing fee is supposed to be deposited. You can see the newly deployed contract here:

After deployment, I went to Pancakeswap and added 0.1 BNB liquidity to the contract, and after that I started exchanging tokens to test the contract:

I wanted to see if the expected marketing/dev fee will get deposited into the marketing/dev wallet, but it never arrived as you can see the marketing/dev wallet 0x7dcA920B0905E355c6BCac1b0Bb27532F4C95f43 is empty.

I have tried deploying this contract 3 times already and no matter what I do it seems that the marketing/tax fee is not getting deposited. I tried everything I could think about in the past several weeks but nothing seems to work.

Any ideas/hints on why the marketing/dev fee is not being deposited?

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Hey. Any news yet with marketing tax deposit in Wallet? I have the same problem, that’s why I’m curious. Let me know if you or someone else have a idea to solve it.