Smart Contract bootcamps/courses

Some members of the community are doing Smart Contract bootcamps/courses.

It would be great to share information that you publicly can. Such as:

  • How you applied
  • How long the course is
  • What’s involved
  • What you achieved or hope to achieve

In early 2019 I took the Developing Blockchain Applications (Melbourne Australia) online short course at RMIT University.

The course was 8 weeks, 100% online and cost AUD$1,400.
Every week there was a 1 hour webinar with the mentors, including opportunities to ask questions.
The mentors and the other students were available via Slack.

I successfully completed the course.

As part of my previous job I self taught smart contract development and created proof of concepts.
I did the course as I wanted to fill in any gaps in my knowledge.

As part of the course I learnt:

  • To develop and test Solidity smart contracts with Embark (I normally use Truffle).
    I really liked the easy to create test coverage reports in Embark.
  • To create dApp front ends using Choo a lightweight JavaScript framework
  • To store and retrieve content on IPFS

The course final project was to build a photo sharing dApp, with photos saved to IPFS. Each week in the second half of the course we added to the development of the final project.

I spent the equivalent of about 2 days a week on the course, with a bit more at the end for the final project.

Using the skills from the course I created BlockHorses, a cryptocollectible and created some mini-dApps for the Party (burner) wallet.

Looking back, I would have liked some more face time with my fellow students. I should have organised a couple of Saturdays in a coffee shop as an hour or so at the weekly hack didn’t feel like enough. Also going on a ten day retreat (#buidl_bali) in the middle of the course was not the best timing.

I would recommend the course, even paying full price.

Disclosure: I was a reviewer of the course when it was being developed so got to do the course for free, which is why I didn’t look to much further into alternatives. I’m also friends with Flex Dapps (via Web3 Melbourne weekly hack) who developed and mentored the course.


@Frederickalcantara would be great if you could share information about ConsenSys Academy.

@CallMeGwei would appreciate if you could share your experiences with B9Labs program and the application process for Truffle University


Here’s a write-up about my experience with Truffle University. I’m working on another for B9Lab and will post it here when it’s done.

@abcoathup, better late than never eh? :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing @CallMeGwei :pray:

It sounds like Truffle University first run was definitely an Alpha version, though has huge potential. We need quality education in the space and this sounds like a step in the right direction. :rocket: Well done @tcoulter

I look forward to seeing what this first cohort buidls.

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