Sentinel Webhooks to API?

I’m using the Sentinel to send alert to a Slack channel. There are a few options where you can send it to but is there any way I can Post it to my own API directly?

I think I could probably trick the Slack hook to point to my own API but I would like to be able to use my own API. Is there a way to do this?

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Hey @madeindreams! Thanks for the suggestion. We have that feature in our roadmap, though I cannot share a precise timeline for its implementation.

Meanwhile, mind sharing with us what’s your use case there? It’s always helpful to us to learn how Defender is being used.

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Hello @spalladino and thank you. The use case would be to implement a very quick and easy way for someone to post contract activity to a centralize DB for UI purpose and even regulation requirement. I would just have my sentinel post it to my API so I can produce reports and of chain stat. I know there is already many ways to do it but having Defender Post my custom alerts to my API would make it very user friendly. Not that it is not at this moment. You guys made an awesome job and I appreciate it.

I havent looked yet but is Defender Open source so I can maybe work on that custom API hook or maybe propose an implementation? I can’t see Defender on the OpenZeppelin Github.


Defender is not open source, but we’ll take the request into consideration and bump it in our roadmap!

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Until we implement that, an easy workaround would be to set up an Autotask that is triggered whenever the Sentinel matches, and just POSTs the match data to your API. You can also use the Autotask to reformat the match data to fit the structure expected by your API. See here for more info!

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