Sent bnb to wrong address and transaction fails

dear sir
i sent bnb to wrong address and transaction is fail and shows that
Warning! Error encountered during contract execution [ execution reverted ]
how can i get my bnb back please assist
transaction hash id is

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You’ll need to get in touch with Binance. You sent it from a Binance hot wallet to a contract address as seen at

The contract reverted this and sent the BNB back at the cost of gas.

The problem is that it sent the BNB back to the Binance Hot Wallet, so you need to make a ticket with Binance to explain that to them. There is no guarantee you will get your funds back, but maybe there is a chance.

In the future send small amounts of crypto first. Then send the big amount.


Hey did you get your BNB back? The same thing happened to me:

i need help same thing please 0x349f407236d2f329bfb185a399dee70e13314c2d6112c263c91a6617be7f3495

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This was extremely helpful, thanks a lot guys !!!