sendTransaction to ethernaut fallback contract on localhost results in revert

I’m experiencing problems when running ethernaut. in particular, when running the second topic “Fallback”. I deploy the contracts to ganache and run the react app. I can access player, getBalance(player), etc but when I send a transaction I get a revert error.

await contract.sendTransaction({ from: player, value: web3.utils.toWei("1", "ether") })

<     "id": 1268449216,
 <     "jsonrpc": "2.0",
 <     "error": {
 <       "message": "VM Exception while processing transaction: revert",
 <       "code": -32000,
 <       "data": {
 <         "0xb77be8b34633c065c498c6741a7bde62558448ef7dc6bccf9a05c5fce66bc6fd": {
 <           "error": "revert",
 <           "program_counter": 166,
 <           "return": "0x"
 <         },
 <         "stack": "c: VM Exception while processing transaction: revert\n    at Function.c.fromResults (/home/User/ethernaut/node_modules/ganache-cli/build/ganache-core.node.cli.js:4:194812)\n    at /home/User/ethernaut/node_modules/ganache-cli/build/ganache-core.node.cli.js:42:52863",
 <         "name": "c"
 <       }
 <     }

Not sure what is going on here. I have recloned the project, cleared all caches, etc but same error.

Hmm, another redeploy seemed to resolve the issue.