Getting rpc error in fallback challenge

Hi everyone
I'm working on the fallback challenge on Ethernaut. I've so far have called the below functions:
await contract.contribute({from player: value: toWei('0.0001', 'ether')})
and then
await contract.sendTransaction({from: player, to: instance, value: toWei('0.0001', 'ether')})
the above call gives me the below error

and my suspicion is that this error occurs due to the contribute call failing to contribute because when I run fromWei(await contract.getContribution()) i get '0' (even though I am returned a success message saying the transaction was mined).

Any pointers would be much appreciated!

There's a syntax error somewhere in your contribute method, and possibly the sendTransaction method as well. I'm not sure how many arguments both of these methods are able to accept. However, I did get this working:

await contract.contribute({value: toWei('0.0001', 'ether')})

followed by

await contract.sendTransaction({value: toWei('0.0001', 'ether')})

By default, this value will be sent to the contract instance from the player wallet address. Also note, that though the above notation works, by default the value denomination is Wei, meaning you could also opt for this code:

await contract.sendTransaction({value: 1})

At the time of writing, this video by Mark Muskardin provides an excellent walkthrough of this challenge: