Sending automated eth from one wallet to another wallet using smart contract

Hi guys

im trying to create a smart contract to is able to send eth from one wallet to another wallet automated, if there is template or help me write the script would be much appreciated , thank you

Hi, welcome! :wave:

Maybe you can have a look at the web3.js: web3.eth β€” sendsignedtransaction, and you can also have a try with the ethers.js

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Hi skyge , much appreciated I will have a go and get back to you again thank you for you help

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Hey @Skyge , I was having a similar but slightly different question. Is it possible to auto recharge a contract when its balance is lower than a threshhold? An example an be recharging a contract consuming randomness provided by Chainlink. It takes 0.1 LINK per message call.

Although it’s possible to keep an eye on the balance of LINK for that contract, it would undoubtedly more convenient if some automation can be achieved. Thanks.