Need help ( auto burn 70% while the remaining 30% transfer to a new wallet)

Hi, can anyone write some guide for me regarding how to deploy a smart contract on a wallet.

( 70% of the Doge will send to burned address daily, while another 30% Doge will send to a new wallet)


I guess you mean a transfer tax.
Let's say the transfer fee is 1%. and 100$ are getting transfered.
This means there is a total fee of 1$. From that there is a fee of 0.7$. You can just take this value of 0.7% from the amount send and then deduct the fee from the total supply.
Then take another 0.3% and send it to a wallet

amount = 100;

feeToBurn = amount / 1000 * 3;
amount -= feeToBurn;
totalSupply -= feeToBurn;
feeToTax = amount / 1000 * 7:
amount -= feeToTax;
balances[INSERT_DEST_ADDRESS] += feeToTax 

It's a marketing wallet of our project. This wallet will receive Doge from reflection.

So i hope that I can deploy a smart contract that have following function.

  1. 70% of the Doge that obtained today will repurchase our native token and send to burned address.

  2. 30% of the Doge that obtained today will send to wallet A as community fund.

(contract address of our project :0x641ec142e67ab213539815f67e4276975c2f8d50)