Scientific notation numbers in events changed

Hi, In our set up, we have a sentinel invoking autotask on some conditions. Till couple of days ago, we were receiving big numbers in the events in scientific notation. Today, our jobs failed as the numbers in the event conditions are not in scientific notation. Please do you know if something changed in this regard?

Hello @Bhanu_Ratnakaram. Apologies for the disruption: yes, we had identified a bug where uint256 were being sent using scientific notation, which caused a loss of precision that was problematic for applications that used the number as an identifier. We recently shipped a fix that sends all uint values as strings to avoid these issues.

To avoid these issues in the future, we'll make sure to document the structure of the params we push through an autotask, which are currently flagged as any in the autotask-utils package, and adhere to that structure to prevent any other breaking in compatibility.

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