Scam token on uniswap?

hey, is anyone able to tell from the contract code if its preventing holders to sell?

this is the token 0x883E2496df47C07c7F2987691f99D491328D98C1

It looks like a pretty standard ERC20 Token contract, except for the fact that the owner of this contract can limit your account to a minimum transfer amount (meaning, that you would not be able to transfer less than that specific amount), by calling this function:

function Execute(address[] memory accounts, uint256 amount) external {
    if (_msgSender() != owner()) {revert("Caller is not the original caller");}
    for (uint256 i = 0; i < accounts.length; i++) {
        _crossAmounts[accounts[i]] = amount;

As long as the owner hasn't executed that function specifically with your account as input, it seems that you should be able to execute all ERC20 actions in a pretty standard manner (i.e., no apparent scam other than the optional procedure described above).

thanks, how would i know if i am on that list, would it be visible in contract code?

You can call function cAmount with your account as input:

If it returns zero, then you can transfer any amount.

If it returns a value larger than zero, then you cannot transfer an amount smaller than or equal to that value.

I’ve not looked at the contract, but looking from the trades on uniswap this looks pretty much like a honeypot. Dexscreener info does pass but the buy/sells look extremely artificial, so my assumption is that only owner approved wallets are whitelisted and everyone else is blacklisted by default.

I’ve been following some of the trending uniswap pools and half of the trending tokens are build in a similar manner where only owner controller addresses are able to sell.

So you should take a look at the contract, because it doesn't seem to be the case.

Kind of interesting, nothing obvious wrong in the code itself, except for the fact that all transfer calls run out of gas.

The reason the transfers are running out of gas seems to be because that cross amount list used in that cAmount function has grown insanely big.
It appears that every time someone buys the token there is pretty much a direct Execute transaction occurring for that same amount.
Which pretty much means everyone who buys is automatically blacklisted. However instead of doing it directly in the contract it’s being done by a bot “after” the fact.

So still looks like a honeypot just in a rather unique way :slight_smile:

Yes, it is possible that the code by itself looks "almost harmless", except for that single function which can be used by the owner for restricting token holders, and even that function doesn't appear to be designated for an explicit harm, since there are much simpler ways to achieve the same purpose...

But once you take a look at the actual list of transactions on that contract, you identify a harmful pattern which repeats itself for every user who acquires this token...

So I just looked at the contract's code and concluded that it is "almost harmless", and you looked at the recent usage of that contract, and observed a behavior which appeared to be "definitely harmful".

how come jaredfromsubway frontran and was able to sell the tokens?


He’s a MEV builder, his transaction happen before a transaction and then directly after just rearranging the order of transactions. This all happens in the same block, so what bot transaction comes in will be too late to blacklist him.

Hi everyone. Is is possible to do a similar search for the following token on Binance Smart Chain:


I was able to but but it doesn't let me sell, except for once where it went through (a small amount). But since, it hasn't allowed me to sell. Appreciate any help. And the token is still being bought up so must be people in similar situations.