Request to include firebase-admin SDK in common dependecies

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I am using defender autotask to update my firebase database based on my contract's state. I have firebase-admin SDK dependence to be included in the script.

As suggested by the docs for autotask I am using rollup/webpack bundler to convert my code into one single file with all the dependenciesbut the problemis the size limit. the converted file size is 10 MB which is more than the file size limit (5MB) allowed in defender autotask.

Firebase offers various services like authentication, database, storage and cloud functions for easier deployment of apps. It would be great if firebase-admin SDK is included as common dependencies so that it is easier to run.

Hi @pinoybai,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Im going to discuss the possibility of adding it with the team.

In the meantime if you haven't already you can try a few tricks to reduce your bundle size. Id suggest using tree shaking, which will remove all unused code, as well as building with webpack set to production mode.