Autotask errors for missing dependencies

I run a local dev setup, that is adding autotasks using the OZ client:
"@openzeppelin/defender-autotask-client": "1.48.0"

When running the auto task I get this error:
Error: Cannot find module '@openzeppelin/defender-relay-client/lib/ethers'
Require stack:

  • /var/task/index.js
  • /opt/nodejs/autotask-wrapper.js
  • /var/runtime/index.mjs

It is all described in another ticket, that now seems abandoned, maybe because it temporarily was marked as solved:

I hope anyone can shed some light on this, it does not feel right to keep using the deprecated libs.

Hi @Miclar ! I'm sorry to hear that, unfortunately we could not add the @openzeppelin/ scoped packages dependency for autotasks yet, we had to delay that a little bit. Though you can still use defender-relay-client/lib/ethers (without @openzeppelin/ prefix) as it is still supported.

Sorry for the inconveniences, we plan to release the support for the new packages very soon