Developer wanted: Online coaching concerning OpenZeppelin Upgrades

Looking for someone to coach me in Truffle-Upgrades and help me understand how to implement it into existing project.

:computer: Environment

Using Truffe-Upgrades 1.5.1
I am working on making a project upgradeable. 4 main contracts in total, one is importing the other 3.
I am using ERC1155Upgradeable as well as 4 “custom” contracts. I hope this makes sense. please reach out for more information!


I am a little stuck with a withdraw function always reverting when calling in unit test and console. ?! Also, I need guidance on how to make the more complex contract upgradeable. I am a junior to Blockchain Development and want to learn about proxy setups in-depth. Happy to compensate and learn!

:1234: Code to reproduce

You can check out the code I am struggling with the most at the moment in this post (Thomas Ender)

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Update from my side. I was able to solve and understand the issues I was dealing with when I comes to Proxy setups. So this thread can be closed @abcoathup. Nevertheless, I am very open to internships or scholar opportunities to deepen my knowledge and sharpen my skills. If anyone reading this has something interesting for me => reach out!

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