Reflect / tax is not showing on BSCscan

Hi all, I’m learning and busy with some forks from contracts, changing parts, writing parts only 1 part is not working like it should work. And I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. (did already a lot of search here but couldnt find this)

For example this contract I deployed has a tax of 2%.

When I do a transaction on this TEST Pancake swap for example for 10.000

I see that:
500 → PriceWallet
8800 → Buyer

What I don’t see is the 2% tax going to the other holders.

Am I’m missing something? Also I tried this on the mainnet to be sure, also not showing up.

Hopefully somebody can help! :slight_smile:

:computer: Environment


If you mean why you don’t see a transaction is normal. You will see only balances changings. I recomend to use bscscan to check these balances due to metamask can go over some decimals.
Also make a normal transfer with a normal amount so the fee will be higher and easier to see

No I don’t mean the transactions, I specific mean the balances. I did test it on main + test and don’t see the balance of other holders changing. Should this always work, also with low amount of holders?

This was another contract on main where I also didn’t see the balances of others holders growing:

Should the balances of the other holders grow immediately after a transaction on pancakeswap? Or do you need more volume/holders?

I'm still facing the problem with the tax for holders. Tried a new contract:

There is a 5% tax to share to the holders. I did multiple transactions of and all are now in the holders for 900.045.002 . So none of the 4 transactions received tokens from the sale.

It did this on the test pancakeswap. Can that be an issue? Or do I miss something in the contracts to enable this?