Pancake Swap tax not working in Binance Test

Hi there,

I'm going nuts trying to mimic how fees work in the Binance chain.
I want to make sure that a Buy fee and Sell fee is applied on every buy/sell on my token in Pancakeswap.
So I took a copy of Floki, Yummy, ShibDoge to simulate how it works ; and I just don't manage to get a transfer towards the indicated Dev address, on a swap in Pancake.
Here is my last clean contract, a copy of the Floki contract, that I called 'John':
I just changed the Amount of Tokens, and Dev/Marketing Address; and applied the same fees as Floki does in Prod.

The contract is compiled like all my other nicely on Binance Test.
I managed to transfer, and burn tokens.
Then it also works to create a liquidity Pool as the owner.
I use for that
My router in the contract points correctly to the address used by the pancake test.
After I create the liquidity pool, I perform a first buy transaction.
And then I see indeed, the liquidity tax takes effect, but nothing is transferred ever to the dev/marketing address.onBSC Test: 0x316C8caEf8DCCB4b0CF5152b8b723A3Ad073F7cb

I deployed other contracts on Binance Test (sorry I can only paste two links so I will not paste the link for these underneath):
a Yummy clone : 0xe441af3b4198b67f689d4f41d09b821c4ed5bdfa
And a ShobDoge clone: 0x35b531b942d101c75472c474ba334108ca7925a8

But none of them send fees to the dedicated dev and marketing address.
For all, the liquidity pool etc. tax works.

Somebody any clue? Maybe an issue with the pancake test itself?

Thanks a lot for any hint!!

I have the same issue. I tried to do it my own and it didn't worked... i just forked something that should be working but fees are not working in the testnet.
Any idea?

No clue, I just see it working when I add tokens+BNB on the LP - then in that case, a fee is send to the marketing address.
But I want to have the fee working on every buy and sell.
Actually I hardly find one in production (ETH or BNB) that works - most marketing addresses that are given as part of the contract remain empty or don't receiving anything.; and if they receive it is certainly not on every buy or sell (swap).