Quick version question

Big noob here, I am trying to npm i @openzeppelin/contracts@(version) but I want to know which version I should type in if I need solidity 0.8.17 instead of 0.8.23

editing to make my poorly question more clear: what do I type in to the (version) @openzeppelin/contracts@(version) to get 0.8.17 on my .sol files? The latest version gives me 0.8.23 which I don't want

You can find the latest version numbers here or see the details on GitHub.

The latest version, currently 5.0.2, is recommended but requires Solidity 0.8.20 or higher. 4.9.6 would work with Solidity 0.8.17.

Tried 4.9.6, unfortunately I click on lock.sol and it's still showing

pragma solidity ^0.8.24;

instead of
pragma solidity ^0.8.17;

That doesn't sound right. There is no lock.sol in @openzeppelin/contracts.