Questions about @openzeppelin/contracts-ethereum-package

Hello everyone,

I've been trying OpenZeppelin SDK and the documentation recommends using @openzeppelin/contracts-ethereum-package instead of the usual @openzeppelin/contracts.

I tried using them but the ERC721Royalty contract doesn't appear to be in this library.

I looked at the versions of this package on npm and it looks like there was no update for two years. Is this package still maintained? Are on-chain dependencies still a thing, if not is there an alternative for using on-chain dependencies?

Thanks for the answers and feel free to tell me if it doesn't fit this part of the forum! :slight_smile:

Hi @vincentdnl. OpenZeppelin SDK is no longer maintained. Thus, the documentation you're looking at is out of date.

For upgradeable contracts you should use the package @openzeppelin/contracts-upgradeable. You should find ERC721RoyaltyUpgradeable in there.

Take a look at our up to date documentation for upgrades.