[Question] What are the building blocks of DeFi?

This post follows our articles about the introduction to some DeFi concepts and the discussion on its building blocks.

At OpenZeppelin, we are eager to continuously improve our contribution to the community. We understand the risks of DeFi protocols (take a look at our DeFi audit reports) and we always committed ourselves to create open source code that reflects our quality and high security standards. For these reasons, we have decided to explore the possibility of bringing a new set of DeFi contracts and expanding our current offering.

We always take into account users and community inputs in our work. For this, we would like to create here a thread to collect all the suggestions that users can have in order to come up with a definitive list of contracts that we can start building.

We are wondering which are the answers to the following questions:

  • Is DeFi a complex set of pieces, all interacting between each other ? Has our previous discussion on the building blocks identified some of them?
  • If yes, how many pieces are there ? Which ones are the pillars of such an ecosystem?
  • Is it possible to provide a set of standard, tested and audited contracts for future modular DeFi applications ?

We have some possible answers and we will continue publishing our thoughts and improvements in this direction, but we want to onboard everyone in answering these questions and ask the reader to leave his opinions on this thread.

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Pillars in my mind are:

  • ERC20 tokens including stable tokens (would ideally have flash minting)
  • Governance

It would be great to have standardized components to increase the level of security for projects.