Question in regards to royalties

I have a noob question as I do not fully understand the NFT space, as I am relatively new to it.

I am writing my sol contract and I understand the majority of the contract. Focusing on the withdraw function where the money obviously get sent to the address i put in there, my question is around understanding the royalties for the NFT.

It was my understanding that the creator of the NFT could put a royalty in the sale that lasts the entirety of the NFTs life.

So my question is, who is the creator for the NFT when its minted? Is it me that actually drew the art work or the person that mints it to the block chain?

I ask because it seems that its the person that mints the NFT piece as the royalty only gets added once the NFT is put for sale on a marketplace like is my understanding correct?

If not is there a way to put code in the original contract that allows the true creator to place a royalty for the NFT for future sales of the work?

IIRC once you've minted > 0 NFTs, you can initialize your collection on Opensea as the owner() of the contract and add a Royalty % in their UI with an address the royalties must go to. The secondary marketplace is responsible for distributing that royalty to the address you enter.

There is a new way to signal Royalties directly on-chain. Check out ERC721Royalty. This should directly let a secondary marketplace know that information.

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