ERC 2981 and royalties in general

Hi I spoke with Gilder about using their software with Quickbooks Online to record royalties. The one piece of advice that really baffles me is 'registering' my smart contract with all of the platforms so that I can collect royalties. As the NFT moves to other platforms this matters.

Is that done in the smart contract? Or on each and every platform? For those who do not know ERC 2981 is the latest standard for achieving this on more recent platforms.

openZeppelin can include ERC 2981. It is unorthodox in a smart contract on Opensea. Does that matter? I will be selling on Opensea.

I have searched online for answers no luck. I am growing more comfortable as I read and study in develop my smart contract. Thanks in advance for suggestions and information.


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Unfortunately, I don't think that I understood your question properly.

If you aim to do OpenSea sales that just pasting in the address(s) and their percentage would be sufficient.

Regarding ERC 2981, it is a standard that allows you to specify your royalty fee amount, it does not "enforce" the royalties onto the creator.

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Unfortunately OpenSea does not yet support EIP-2981. You can refer to the OpenSea documentation for methods of setting royalties:

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This is now looking interesting in hindsight. Opensea now has on Chain Royalty Enforcement.