Question about `Proxy.admin()` and `Proxy.implementation()`

Hello guys,

Currently, I am working on EVM-compatible custom blockchain project, which has almost the same JSON RPC endpoints with geth.

Unfortunately, ZeppelinOS not working on that custom chain because Proxy class (in lib/src/proxy/Proxy.ts) uses ZWeb3.getStorageAt() to get admin address and implementation address, and this method uses eth_getStorageAt JSON RPC internally - one that is not supported on custom chain.

From my understanding, Proxy class represents AdminUpgradeabilityProxy contract, which has admin() and implementation() methods for exactly same purpose.

So here’s my question, why Proxy class uses getStorageAt(), not calls method of AdminUpgradeabilityProxy?


Hello @bebeerd! Thanks for using ZeppelinOS! Hopefully you can find a way to make it work for your network.

As for your question, I’m not entirely sure, but maybe @spalladino would know! :slight_smile:

Thanks for bringing this one up @IvanTheGreatDev, and welcome @bebeerd to the forum! The Proxy class relies on getStorageAt since the admin and implementation are only callable from the proxy admin address (see here for more info on why this is necessary). If you try to call any of those methods from another account, the call will be proxied to the implementation contract, and will probably fail.

This could be patched by assuming that the proxy’s admin is never changed outside the zOS CLI, and forcing the proxy.implementation() call to be made from: adminAddress, but it is less robust than the current solution.

I’m curious though: which chain are you working with, that does not support this method?

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Thanks for your quick response!

I thought that this behaviour is not intended that admin() and implementation() is accessible only with admin address as you said, and accessing it with getStorageAt appears to me as something like a quick fix that will be rewritten - but forgotten… I feel this is not appropriate because this doesn’t follow design; this appears to me not necessary.

Anyway, If it was intended then it is ok, I can find a workaround :slight_smile:

PS. @spalladino I’m not a member of that chain - I’m just using it - you can look into: