Proxy contract to hide DEX swap calls and not get frontrunned so often


I'm new to solidity. How difficult and error prone would it be to develop and deploy a proxy contract to hide DEX swap calls (let's say pancakeswap, eg and make it harder for bots to frontrun me? I understand that some bots are smarter than simply decoding the tx data, but this should still lower the risk of getting frontrunned.

Are such contracts available in OpenZeppelin?

Many thanks!

Can you elaborate on this idea? Why is it lowering the chance of being front run in the first place? The bots cannot trace internal calls?

Yes my guess is that most of the bots are naive and simply decode the known router contracts. I may be wrong but for my use case I don't think I'm competing with advanced bots... in any case I'm willing as an experience to write such contract and experiment with it, but I have no experience in solidity and would want to avoid this contract to be "hacked"...