Problem with the balance of Masterchef

Hi all,

So i have a problem with burn from Masterchef.

For example, my masterchef have in his balance, a few tokens and i would like transfer from the masterchef to 0x00000000000…dead address…

How can i do this one ?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Hito, welcome to the forums.

Can you post your MasterChef contract?

If it is the standard one, then I do not believe it is possible to do this because there is no Force Transfer or Force Token Withdraw function.

There is emergency withdraw, but that probably won’t work because the tokens are likely not in the pool.

If the tokens are in a pool, then withdraw them first, then move them to the 0x000000 address.

Another way would be to do a Force Transfer from the token’s Smart Contract. It depends on what the Token’s smart contract has and if it’s controlled by you. Normally most Smart Contracts do not have a way to force transfer from one address to another.

If you post your Master Chef and your Token contract I can look at them to see if what you are trying to do is possible.

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