Premint function in Open Zeppelin Wizard ERC20 and quantity of tokens

Hi all,

what quantity of tokens appears in smart contract, after deployment, when typing a quantity of tokens in open zeppelin wizzard, ERC20 premint window, right below the name?

In Contract, definition or number of tokens shall be with 18 zeros, if deployment option is chosen with wei, in Remix. If you choose ETH, then those zeros are not necessary.


Gas Limit

  • wei
    for 1 billion tokens, you shall define number with 18 zeros behind the number
    1000000000000000000000000000 is equal to 1 billion

Gas Limit
for 1 billion tokens you shall define number without 18 zeroes behind the number of wanted tokens
1000000000 is equal to 1 billion

Now, defining this number in premint window, in wizzard open zeppelin ERC20, leaving Remix gas limit in wei, what number, you shall type in window premint, to have 1 billion toxens minted, when you deploy the contract?

Thank you for your answers.