Deployed contract with preminted tokens

I deployed a contract with preminted tokens but didn't tick any of the boxes such as mintable box. My balance is 0 and when i check my wallet in metamask i have 0 of the token. the preminted value was set at 420 billion tokens. how do i access my tokens or do i have to start all over and deploy again???

We’ll hard to say without seeing your transaction and the contract you used.

You are pretty much saying something along the lines of “hey my computer isn’t working” or “my car won’t start” without telling what for a computer you even have or what car. Without concrete information we can’t help.

here are the exact steps i took

I opened openzepplin wizard selected name, symbol, and set premint to 420 billion tokens. then i clicked open in remix and enabled optimization under advanced settings. i changed environment to injected metamask. Then i clicked deploy and paid the gas fee. These are the exact steps i took to creating the token. I copied the contract address and put it in my metamask wallet but it says i have zero of the token. how do i access the 420 billion preminted tokens i created?


Can you post the transaction/ contract address?

contract address:


I’m afraid there is no event logged for the mint of the tokens/transfer to your account so it doesn’t look like any tokens where actually created :confused:

Not behind a pc right now so can’t check out the contract code itself to see what exactly went wrong.

Contract is not verified. The decompiler shows nothing more that standard ERC20 interface.

My best guess would be that instead of deploying the contract that include the premint in the constructor, @Ali_Zahedi deployed the ERC20 it depends on (from OZ's package).