Period Lock for Specified Adress

Hello Guys,

Hope you're all doing well.

I'm playing around a lot with openzeppelin and I have to say I made lot of awesome things those last time. But I'm now in front of a problem and I tried looking for the answer with google and this forum but didn't find it. Hope you could help me.

I'm actually working with smart contract for crowdsale and whitelist people, and until here i'm good but I would like to add a function who is the following :

People who bought the token from the presale (so specified adresses from whitelist) not be able to trade/sell their tokens during 1 day after the public sale. I tried to do it with Defender as I saw a tutorial to do it, but I'm wrong on all the line.

So i was hoping if someone could explain me how to it ? Via Remix or Defender.

Thanks a lot in advance for your help

Trokivla :slight_smile:

Hi Trokivla,

You can lock the tokens of whitelisted addresses using TokenTimeLock with a specific timelock period.

Contract :