Pancakeswap Add Liquidity Insufficient liquidity for this trade


I am testing the safemoon contract and I am trying to get my test coin to run in the Pancakeswap.


Pancake Test GUI

I add liquidity to pancakeswap

After I created the pair 1BNB : 1000000 MEL the transaction was successfully and I did it twice and I can see it under holders tap.

Here is the transaction for it

But what is not working is the swapper and getting the message: “Insufficient liquidity for this trade”


  1. How I can get the token back to me from LP 0xe5be1cb714c1ee7bcd1267ba42edf8016df52f34 I am not able to remove it over the GUI because nothing is displaying. Maybe the test enviroment is not working properly?

  2. Assuming I am able to swap my coin and I have a working liquidity pool. Do I have to refill the liquidity pool manually on a regular basis or does the 2.5% fee for liquidity automatically go into the liquidity pool via the interface?

  3. How I can rename the contract address or add public tag on it, e.g. Deployer Address, etc…

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I have the same problem did you find the solution?


I tried one day later and it was working but don’t know what the issue was.

The problem was that when you add liquidity it takes a while to start working.

you was trying to swap 1bnb when your balance was 0.5BNB