OpenZepppelin SDK Architecture Diagram

I am building using OpenZeppelin SDK.

Where can I find the SDK Architecture Diagram so as to better understand how everything works and is implemented?

I found this link but there are no diagrams, please help.




A good place to learn more is the OpenZeppelin SDK Upgrades Pattern

I haven’t found a diagram that shows the OpenZeppelin SDK Architecture. I will create an issue for this.

The diagram that is referred to in the documentation shows the interface of the contracts of published Ethereum Packages, so I don’t think this is what you are looking for. I will create an issue to update the documentation with the correct link to the diagram.

Thank you @abcoathup for those links and adding an issue.

It would be good to create something similar for OZ SDK such that we can use it our documents and board packs to communicate the value of using OZ SDK to build solidity contracts.

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Thanks @pkr

The issues are as follows: