Evaluating using OpenZeppelin SDK

Thank you for asking.

Actually, our team is evaluating the SDK and we have some questions:

  1. What are the main projects that are already using the SDK?
  2. Where can I find the .sol output file generated? We want to see what is going to the chain
  3. Is it possible to start an upgrade directly from another contract? For example, a "governance contract" that decides that an upgrade must be made.
  4. I saw there was a meetup discussing how to use the SDK in Russia. Do you have any link to that? Or any other similar to that? Or is there is room to a call to increase our knowledge? Because we are trying to mix your solution with ERC930, ERC1504 and our own ideas.

Do you refer to the flattened source file, containing all inherited contracts? We do generate that information, since it's what's used to verify on Etherscan (by running$ oz verify), but I'm not sure if we actually expose it as an artifact. @jcarpanelli?

Absolutely! We wrote a guide for doing this using the Gnosis Multisig, but the process to have your own contract be the upgrade admin is not too different.

@ylv-io participated on a Moscow podcast and workshops a couple weeks ago, he's probably the person to talk to.

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Coinbase and Circle’s USDC use ZeppelinOS (now called OpenZeppelin SDK) proxy: centrehq/centre-tokens