OpenZeppelin SDK inside a web browser


It there any reason that OpenZeppelin SDK would not work in-browser? Or is it purely command line/server side e.g. due to the dependencies of crypto libraries?

Are there any example applications that use OpenZeppelin SDK in a frontend code directly?

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Hey @miohtama! This has been a long-standing issue for us. As you say, there is no reason for the upgrades js library would not work in the browser, except for some dependencies that we need to review. Unfortunately, this involves a very large effort, and we have not been able to prioritize it over other tasks so far.

In the meantime, we suggest you pick the proxy contracts from the upgrades library (we may migrate them to Contracts soonish, by the way) and spin them up manually using your favourite library (web3.js or ethers.js).

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Thanks! Yes, I was mostly looking to use contract ABI and Proxy.js.

I guess if I do not import anything which sucks in all nasty dependencies I will be ok.