OpenZeppelin Contracts issues reported by Slither

The question to openzeppeling team

I use openzeppeling-contracts 3.0


Slither analysis gives many issues from critical to medium

And compilation warnings:

Do I need to bother?
Is it audited at all?

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Hi @dmdv,

Slither is reporting that the reserved storage gap __gap shadows the other gaps in inherited contracts. For information on the gap please see the following:

As the storage gap is only used to reserve space I don’t think shadowing is an issue.

I assume you are compiling with Solidity 0.7.

In Solidity 0.7 visibility ( public / external ) is not needed for constructors anymore.

If you want to use Solidity 0.7, you may prefer to install @openzeppelin/contracts@solc-0.7
For the combination of upgradeable contracts and Solidity 0.7, use @openzeppelin/contracts-upgradeable@solc-0.7
From: OpenZeppelin Contracts 3.3

You appear to have a mix of upgradeable and non-upgradeable contracts. For upgradeable contracts you should use OpenZeppelin Contracts Upgradeable, see:

I would go through all of the reported issues/warnings and either resolve or decide why it doesn’t need to be resolved. I would suggest documenting this for your community.

Last full audit on v2.0.0, see:

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I believe the warning about the gap variables is a bug in Slither. There is no shadowing because the variables are private. Unless they consider that shadowing as well? @dmdv Do you want to report this to Slither or should we do it?

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The warnings about unused function parameters are a nuisance, sorry about that. We have an issue to fix it.

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Slither is an automated tool.

That gives loads of indications.

Your job as developer is to assess which warnings are actionable.

Not all warnings need to be acted upon.

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I’ve fixed the gap warning by moving to the 0.7.0 solc version of openzeppeling contracts.

But only this is remaining

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That’s a compiler warning that we haven’t fixed yet. It’s nothing to worry about, but it is annoying.