High Impact Slither static analysis issue with Ownable Upgradeable Contract

The static analysis tool Slither is displaying a high impact issue for variable shadowing in it's code analysis. The finding is in the Openzeppelin Contracts Upgradeable package itself. More details for the issue below:

⸻⸻ Detailed Result Output ⸻⸻

Type: State variables shadowing (shadowing-state)

Impact: High

Confidence: High


❌ OwnableUpgradeable.__gap (@openzeppelin/contracts-upgradeable/access/OwnableUpgradeable.sol:74) shadows:

• ContextUpgradeable.__gap (@openzeppelin/contracts-upgradeable/utils/ContextUpgradeable.sol#31)

Recommendation: Remove the state variable shadowing.

Reference: https://github.com/crytic/slither/wiki/Detector-Documentation#state-variable-shadowing


Can this issue cause serious problems with state variables during upgrades as it deals with the gap variable? And is there any existing resolution available to fix this issue?