NFT redemption code

I want to hand out at an in-person event a door prize for NFTs. Many people will not be familiar with crypto at all and this can be their entrance. It should be a piece of paper but could be a QR code or a redemption code but probably not longer than 16-20 characters. I want to create a Dapp where they can install a wallet, enter the code and become the owner of the NFT. I will also be glad to pay the gas so they do not need any eth right away.

I am fine with creating the ERC721 contract ( thanks openzepplin wizard ) but I think my Dapp should interact with another contract that does the transfer.

Has this been done ? Any pointers on how to make this secure ?

Thanks In Advance.

Welcome @allaboutnft!

You may be interested in our NFT Airdrops workshop to learn about some cryptographic tools you can use to build this.